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My Story

My real estate career began soon after graduating from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas when I moved to Houston and began a career in commercial real estate for a company called R& B Commercial Management. During this time, I gained knowledge and expertise in the management and leasing of high-rise office buildings throughout the Houston area.

After 13 years of real estate, I then decided to stay at home to be with my family and enjoyed every minute. Fast forward to 2006. The vacation rental market in Texas was just beginning to boom, especially in the Texas hill country. At the same time, we were thinking about buying a second home on the water to use for family vacations. We knew the only way we could afford a second home was to lease the property as a short term rental to other families who wanted to vacation in the area. After exploring the area, we decided on a waterfront property on Lake Dunlap in New Braunfels. Since my background was in management and leasing, I felt confident that I could use the same expertise for our vacation rental properties as I had in the management of office buildings in Houston.

It was a trial and error process, but we soon realized that this was a great way to “have our cake and eat it too.” We found we could actually pay for our new vacation home by sharing it with other families who wanted to vacation in New Braunfels. Several years later I took a leap of faith and decided to actually move to New Braunfels to expand my business and help other owners use their vacation homes for additional income and so “A River Runs Thru It” was born.

Life is full of twists and turns that change the course of our lives. In 2016, my course would change once again unexpectedly when I reconnected with an old friend living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. After our conversation, I was curious about the market there and started researching real estate in the area. I ended up talking to a local agent by phone who had lived in Pagosa all his life. He told me that the property values were on the rise and the vacation rental market was increasing rapidly as this hidden gem in Colorado was being discovered. He encouraged me to investigate the possibility of expanding my business to Pagosa saying that with the increase in the vacation rental business, home owners were looking for a vacation rental company whose approach was more personalized and service oriented. After talking to other agents in the area who felt the same , I decided to visit Pagosa so I could determine if these synchronistic events were actually leading me to a new adventure in a new place.

Once I arrived, I immediately fell in love with the scenery and the people who live there. Surrounded by mountains and national forests, this town is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It seemed like every local I met was encouraging me to take a chance and expand my business. I had always dreamed of living in Colorado full or part time. For years I even posted a picture on my bulletin board with pictures of the mountains and lakes of Colorado, but after a while I forgot about my dream and went on with my life. Now so many things were falling into place, that I could not ignore. The mountains were calling and I was going to answer the call!

I love Texas. I was born and raised here and can’t imagine ever leaving the fields of bluebonnets and country western music forever, but I also love the cool summers and big skies of Colorado.

Give us a call (281) 794-1750

Give us a call (281) 794-1750